As the YUBER family, we have been working continuously and meticulously to support the sector's projects and dreams since 2010, with our technology, R & D and production investments in order to meet the needs of the Iron & Steel industry.

With our knowledge and experience in various sectors, we set out with the aim of creating nature-friendly industry and human integrity. Our aim is to evaluate the sectoral demands in the integrity of Nature-Human-Production and to contribute to the country's economy with our productions.

We guarantee the quality of our products and services in our 10.000 m2 production area with our trained and experienced personnel, R & D infrastructure, innovative & modern machinery and equipment.

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Yuber Metallurgy & Chemistry

What We Do?

Yuber's Fields of Activity


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YUBER METALURJİ, born from the steel industry; Cored Wires, Mold, Tundish and Crucible Cover Powder are produced in 2 separate factories with its experienced staff.


Get to Know Yuber Closely

Operating in the chemical sector, YUBER KİMYA provides production and sales services of Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black and Additive Chemicals (plastic, polymer and synthetic fiber).


Get to Know Yuber Closely


YUBER METALLURGY, whose primary goal has been quality since the first day it started its activities, has subsequently added Ca Seamless Tubular Core Wire to its product portfolio. Mean while, it has succeeded production of Granule Casting Powders as well as the production of powder mixture products in Casting Powders And it will continue to grow and provide the best service to the sector with its planned investments


Our strategy is to increase our presence in the market, to diversify our business partners and to provide alternative competitive products to our customers.

To maintain and increase customer satisfaction with "efficient", "effective" and "continuous" service.


Our mission is to meet our customers' needs and expectations with the highest quality service at most affordable prices. Our core principles are to build mutual trust in our commercial and social relationships and not to compromise quality.