YBR-TC-K2-01-MX Powder

This product is a granulated powder for avoiding the heat loss at the tundish and cleaning the inclusions.

Chemical Analysis (Mass %)
SiO2  46-52  Cfree  <5
CaO  4-7
MgO  3-7
Al2O3  16 -20  H2O  <1
Fe2O3  10 -15  LOI  <4
Na2O +K2O  <5
Measured Pyhsical Properties TOLERANCE
Erime sıcaklığı / Melting Point  1150 oC  ± 30 oC
Partical Size <200 microns
Bulk Density  0,55 g/cm3 ± 0,1

In original packing and dry storage conditions maximum 6 months from production.

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