YBR-C Cored Wire

It is used while processing steel making for high yield adjustment and sensitive treatment of molten steel.

C99,5 % >99,5 %
Toz (Gr/m) / Powder (Gr /m)190 Gr/Mt± 10 Gr/Mt
Wire Diameter13 mm± 1 mm
Toz (Kg/Bobin) / Powder (Kg/Coil)1025 Kg± 75 Kg *
Total (Kg/Coil)1650 Kg± 100 Kg *
Coil inner diameter600 mm± 50 mm
Coil external diameter1150 mm± 50 mm *
Coil height1150 mm± 50 mm *
Sac kalitesi/Wire steel qualityCold rolled DIN EN 10130 Grade DC 01
Sac kalınlığı/Steel thickness0,4 mm

In original packing and dry storage conditions maximum 6 months from production.

It is written the standart product sizes/weights and can be produced in different.

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